E- Cigarettes are also known as e-vaporizers or a form of electronic nicotine delivery system. They are battery operated and are used to inhale a form of aerosol which usually contains nicotine and other chemicals. They can be created to resemble traditional cigarettes, pipes or items use for everyday usage like pens of USB sticks.

E-Cigarettes have become one of the ‘safer’ alternatives to conventional cigarettes however there are aspects of E- cigarettes which are unknown to many. It is important to know the facts before someone chooses to use E- cigarettes.

E- Cigarette Components

The battery mechanism in some e- cigarettes is powered when the user puffs the heating device. Most E- cigarettes contain 4 different types of components. They include

  1. An element used to manage heat like an atomizer
  2. A source for power which is usually battery operated
  3. A mouthpiece which is used to inhale the fumes from
  4. A reservoir or a cartridge which holds a solution of liquid containing nicotine, chemicals and flavorings.
  1. They’re not Risk Free

Even though E- cigarettes have been known to be less harmful, there is no evidence to support that claim. There is research which indicates that E- cigarettes might have negative effects and other consequences, including;

  • Harmful effects during the development of lungs and brains in cases where use begins in adolescence or during fetal development
  • Preterm deliveries or still births in pregnant women
  • Development of cancerous tumors
  • Damage to the heart, lungs and brain
  1. Contains Nicotine

Regardless of the way in which nicotine is delivered, it is still present within E- cigarettes. This also does not decrease the possibility of attracting nicotine addiction, which is extremely difficult to get rid of.

  1. Fad Usage

Most people do not use E- cigarettes to get out of the habit of smoking, or for its proposed low nicotine contents. It is mostly chosen by youngsters due to a beaming popularity and not as an option to steadily wean off smoking.

  1. Contains Effects on Brain Development for Young People

Those who are younger are more vulnerable to the effects of vaping. They are also more prone to developing an addiction. The younger a person is, the higher their risk of addiction. This is because a brain that is not as developed is more vulnerable. Nicotine has also been linked to causing a long term decline cognitive development. It also increased the risk of physical and mental problems later on in life.

  1. Not FDA Approved

E- Cigarettes are not products which are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a kind of smoking cessation aid. Up until current times, manufacturers were not bound by the safety standards strictly enforced by the FDA. Even now that the regulations are in place, manufacturers are free to project the image of their product being ‘risk free’, in flavors which are attractive to the younger generation.

  1. Not Consistent

There is a limited presence of federal oversight to E- cigarettes and that makes it hard to assess their possible dangers. Across all products there are reported variations as well as unknown presences of nicotine and other toxins.

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