blood type O facts everyone should knowKarl Landsteiner, an Australian physician classified human blood into four distinct blood types in the initial decades of the 1900’s. It is a well-known fact in today’s society that a person’s blood type is important in emergency situations for blood transfusions, however new information has come forth, linking a person’s blood type to their health. some cultures and countries also attribute a person’s  blood type to their fortune, personality and the kind of food that their body can easily digest and thrive off of.

How is Blood Type Determined?

Blood types are determined on the basis of the presence or absence of certain antigens which can trigger an immune response in case they are foreign to the body. It is very important to find the RH or rhesus factor to determine whether or not the transfused blood will be appropriate. In case the blood is of a different type, the body may try to attack the foreign blood. This is precisely why blood types are important to know about in blood transfusions.

 Types of Blood:

There are four main types of blood which is determined heavily by the presence or absence of A or B antigens as well as antibodies within the plasma. The Rh factor determines whether or not there are antigens present within the blood. This makes up a total of eight blood types, namely; 0+, 0-, AB+, AB-, A+, A-, B+, and B-. Type O blood is the only blood group that does not have any A or B antigens within the plasma. O+ is the most common of all blood types and accounts for about 37% to 53% of people across difference ethnic and racial groups throughout the world.

1.Universal Donors:

People with the O blood group are universal donors because their blood does not contain any antigens. The absence of these antigens makes the blood usable for all kinds of blood groups because people’s bodies will not attack or reject the transfused blood. O- blood group is used in numerous hospitals where the patient is in a critical, life or death situations, and their blood group is unknown. Regardless of whether or not the blood type is known, type O- blood is particularly useful to transfuse to newborn babies who do not have a fully developed immune system.

  1. O Blood Type Can Only Receive O Blood Type Blood:

Those with O+ or O- blood type can only receive blood transfusions from those with the same blood type. In cases where there is a supply shortage of O- blood, it can easily be substituted with O+.

  1. Health Risk:

Biochemistry determines the health of people. Even though research to this claim is still underway, there are a number of theories which link the risks and benefits to a particular kind of blood type. It has been found that those with O blood type are more susceptible to viral and bacterial infections. this is higher than any other blood type. The bacterium in question includes plague, mumps, tuberculosis and cholera. Some studies have also pointed to the fact that type O blood groups have a 35% higher chance of duodenal ulcers as compared to blood groups like AB, B or A.

  1. Health Benefits:

Those with type O blood are at a lower risk of developing coronary heart disease and circulatory diseases as well as cognitive disorders, as compared to those with either type AB, B or A blood types. Studies show that those with these kinds of blood types are at a 25% increased risk of developing pancreatic cancer. However that does not mean that a bad lifestyle and diet will keep a person healthy.

  1. Type O Blood & Personality:

Even though evidence to support this claim is lacking, there are standing theories in a number of countries like Japan, where magazines and shows publish/ broadcast blood type related quizzes and love horoscopes. They claim that only certain kinds of blood groups are good matches for each other. For example, men with blood type B are thought to be playboys and not a good match for a husband.  Even shows like manga and anime mention character blood types as a way of giving information out on the character’s personality.  In terms of type O blood type, it is mostly believed that those with this kind of blood type are passionate, financially successful, generous and sociable. For those with blood type O, the best kind of romantic match is found with type A blood types.

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