Many people tend to cause their own acne issues without realizing it. More often than not, it is due to their daily skin care habits or lack thereof which contribute an increase in acne production, among other skin issues. After getting rid of newly forming acne, people can turn their focus on getting rid of acne scars, which are caused by picking at the skin.

Tips to Clearer Skin

There are a number of ways to maintain a skin care routine even on days where people tend to feel lethargic due to hectic schedules or illnesses. Some of them include;

Always washing your face before going to bed

For days where it seems like too much of a hassle, using cleansing wipes is a quick and effective way of making sure someone does not sleep in their makeup. Sleeping with makeup on has been known to be bad for skin health as the body is unable to breathe through the layer of foreign particles  

Use oil absorbing moisturizers

It is effective for those who have an oily skin type which is more prone to getting acne. Using a moisturizer designed to absorb oil will help to heal the skin and not let it feel greasy 

Suds the Skin.

It is recommended to wash a person’s face for about 35 to 40 seconds with a dime sized amount of face wash. As this is how long it takes to clear dirt and oil off of the skin

Properly wash off the cleanser

Not many people tend to pay attention to the remaining dirt and oil which is left over on the skin. It is recommended to rinse the reside with tepid water until the skin feels clean and smooth. 

Be gentle on the skin

Rubbing the face after washing, with a towel, or roughly rubbing in an exfoliator causes micro tears in the skin which end up leading to infections and possible breakouts. Using harsh washcloths or scrubs is not recommended. It is much safer and better for the skin for a person to use their hands, gently on the face while cleansing

Suds up the cleanser with hands before applying it to the face

Sudsing the cleanser with hands ends up activating ingredients with the product for more effective application and cleansing.

Use a cleansing brush.

A cleansing brush is important to be able to clean out the pores within the skin. This is possible because of the presence of tiny bristles which get into the grimy depths of the skin.

Don’t over wash the face.

For people who feel their skin has not been properly cleansed, instead of washing it again, using a cleanser or toner with astringent properties might help to control oil production in a much better way

Beware of the downsides of having bangs.

Having bangs on the face can case a person to develop pimples on their forehead, or along the hairline. It is important to keep hair products away from the hairline

Go to a dermatologist for a cortisone injection.

These injections cause mild discomfort during administration; however they tend to help people get rid of their acne woes almost immediately.

Try prescription products.

For people whose acne is not getting better with at home treatments and life changes, it is recommended to visit a dermatologist to rule out hormonal issues or cystic acne. There are a number of antibiotic options available which are available on a prescription that are fast acting. They work by killing off the bacteria on the face, which relieves inflammation and in time, diminishing the presence of acne. Most doctors prescribe them in conjunction with other treatments which contain a retinoid like Retin-A or benzoyl peroxide

Wash makeup brushes regularly.

As simple as this process is, many tend to dismiss its importance due to a number of reasons like a lack of time. It can easily be done with any kind of cleanser, brush cleaner or baby shampoo. It is important because makeup brushes and sponges tend to accumulate bacteria which can lead to breakouts. If someone has just gotten their skin back to a manageable state after an intense breakout, it is recommended to clean out all brushes before using them again

Use SPF.

Sunscreen isn’t something to be used only in the summer; it is an integral part of any good skin care regimen. There are sunscreens for almost all skin types so finding one to best suit a person’s skincare needs is easier than ever before

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