Why Do People Use Nootropic Drugs for Brain Boosting?

Nootropics is an umbrella term which is used to classify a number of chemicals which enhance cognitive functioning. Some of these chemicals are found naturally within the environment while others are synthetic. Nootropic drugs are also known as ‘smart enhancers’ and can aid in boosting mood, improve brain activity, enhance memory and attention span, as well as motivation by altering the major chemicals in the brain. Nootropics have been on the market for a large number of years but they never gained massive following from the masses.

Smart Drugs Users:

Mostly smart drugs are used by business executives, entrepreneurs, computer programmers and college students, among others. Mostly for anyone who feels the need to boost their mental performance for an extended period of time.

What Classifies as Nootropic?

In order for a substance to be considered nootropic, it has to meet 5 criteria points which were set by DR Corneliu E. Giurgea. The substances must perform the following actions and aid in a number of processes which include

  1. Enhance memory, and subsequently the ability to learn at a faster rate.
  2. It should possess little to no side effects.
  3. It should be almost completely non-toxic.
  4. It should aid in protecting the brain from assaults. Both from chemicals and from other physical stimuli. For example from barbiturate drugs etc.
  5. It should help the brain perform under disruptive conditions and circumstances like hypoxia, which is a condition in which there is a low oxygen supply for any number of reasons etc.

Nootropic Supplements & Health

Just as a ketogenic diet is extremely beneficial for health, adding nootropics to any lifestyle can increase cognitive performance as it has been shown to contain brain enhancing properties.

There are a number of substances which contain nootropics. From herbs to amino acids and even some forms of pharmaceutical drugs. They help fight against stress and improve a person’s performance. However the biggest difference that is noted when people start taking nootropics, is when they pair it with a ketogenic diet. With this combination, the level of cognitive functioning experienced is like no other.

Nootropics As Brain Supplements

There are a total of 6 ways in which nootropics effect and help improve memory, cognition and over all brain function according to research. It includes.

  1. Smart drugs increase the brain – derived neurotropic factors (BDNF), as well as nerve growth factors (NGF), both of which are essential for regulating a person’s overall growth and maintain optimal brain cell function.
  2. Brain enhancers increase the production of neurons which help people adapt to stressful situations in a better and more efficient way.
  3. Nootropic supplements alter neurotransmitter regulation in the brain, in an attempt to control the production and distribution of chemicals that are responsible for regulating and maintain mood.
  4. Nootropic drugs fight age related cognitive decline due to their neuro-protective tendencies. This helps maintain efficient brain function well into later years.
  5. Nootropic drugs encourage proper blood flow to the brain and helps raise alertness and sharpness. It enables and assists the body in delivering vital nutrients to the brain so as to fight off mental fatigue and ward off any diseases.
  6. Brain enhancers contain a large number of antioxidants which help fight off inflammation within the brain.

Smart Drugs Side Effects:

Even though to be classified as a nootropic, a cognitive enhancer/drug  must contain little to no side effects, however, there still are some things to keep in mind before opting for these mind altering memory enhancing supplements.

Some precautions to keep in mind before choosing the brain booster supplements include;

  1. Be careful when taking more than one smart drug.
  2. Pharmaceutical memory enhancing drugs are mainly created to treat specific medical conditions. So for those who take the pills only for their mind boosting effects, it is important to keep in mind the possibility of developing the following side effects. They include;
    • Addiction.
    • Depression.
    • Increased heart rate.
    • Paranoia.
    • Dizziness.
    • Insomnia.
    • Anxiety, etc.

Types of Cognitive Enhancers

There are several types of cognitive or smart drugs available in the market and they are classified under the following umbrella terms. Some of them are known as;

smart drug

  • Natural Nootropics;

Natural nootropics are cognitive enhancers which improve brain function in healthy adults. Some of them include;

    • Ginseng.
    • Lion’s mane mushroom.
    • Ashwagandha.
    • Rhodiola Rosea.
    • Eleuthero.
    • Guduchi.
    • Cordyceps.
    • Ginko Biloba.
    • Apocynum ventum.
  •  Synthetic Nootropics.

    There are a number of synthetic or man – made nootropics which are used on a daily basis by a number of people. They include;

    • Ritalin.
    • Modafinil.
    • Adderall.
  • Hybrid Nootropics.

    There are a number of products which are found naturally from the earth but have been processed. They are considered ‘inbetweeners’ and can enhance brain performance. Including;

    • Caffeine.
    • Huperzine – A.
    • Alpha GPC.
    • L – theanine.
    • GABA.
    • 5 – HTP.

Nootropics & Ketogenic Diet

The number one secret ingredient for enhanced brain functioning is opting a ketogenic diet; it is considered a natural brain enhancer. Ketones are not only a more efficient food source, it has been shown to increase the amount of mitochondria in the body, it is this powerhouse which is responsible for maintaining memory, cognitive performance and learning.

5 Natural Alternatives to Synthetic Enhancers

There are a number of natural alternative foods for synthetic brain enhancers that can aid in a number of issues such as;

  1. Ginko biloba has been shown to reduce inflammation within the hippocampus of the brain. With this area of the brain relieved from the presence of toxins, people can enjoy better brain function.
  2. Ginseng has been known to improve blood circulation within the body by increasing the level of a chemical known as nitric oxide. This aids in keeping the blood vessels dilated for smoother blood flow.
  3. Ashwagandha has been known to cure and treat mild brain impairment in older adults.
  4. Foods such as Chocolate or Cocoa in general have been known to stimulate the production of the ‘feel good’ hormone ‘serotonin’.
  5. Mushrooms have been found to increase the chemical known as ‘nerve growth factor’ (NGF). It increases brain power.
  6. Blueberries have been known to enhance cognitive abilities to effectively protect the brain.

6 Tips to Consider Before Using Brain Boosters

Keep these 6 tips in mind before opting for any smart enhancers for the first time:

  1. Do through research on the product and its side effects before opting for it.
  2. Make sure that the drug that is being taken can be used with other supplements and medications, as some smart drugs can worsen existing health conditions.
  3. Find out the underlying reason for choosing these brain enhancers.
  4. Before beginning nootropics, design a monthly budget and set aside an amount that is feasible.
  5. Begin the dosage with half of the recommended, in the beginning to ease into it.
  6. Be willing to try a plethora of medication before finding the right one.

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